Low Glare

Keeping a constant temperature at home

Infrared heaters for indoor and outdoor use

Burda WTG infrared heaters provide a constant and even temperature in homes, offices and outside areas. The innovative Burda WTG short-wave infrared technology enables tailored and timer-regulated heating, cooling and lighting – all according to individual needs and requirements.

Electric infrared heating for indoor and outside use

Whether in the garage or workshop, in the den or study, or even to complement the heating in any part of your home: our electric infrared heaters simply plug into a regular power outlet in your home for instant-on comfort with no warm up time. It is the ideal solution for those cold days when a cozy atmosphere makes all the difference – without having to switch on the central heating.

Burda WTG’s terrace or patio heaters are perfect for garden parties or barbecues, or for quiet evenings on the balcony. As soon as temperatures drop, the electric heater sends out gentle rays that are immediately felt on the skin and create a cozy atmosphere. On hot days, the fine water mist from the cooling system ensures delightful refreshment. The modular design of the PERFECTCLIME system provides all of these functions within one device.  In addition, the IP24 waterproof solution means this high quality product can be used in all outdoor spaces without worrying about exposure to the elements.

Get in touch! We would love to advise you on the use of energy efficient and environmentally-friendly short-wave infrared technology for your home.

Electric infrared heaters for the home: Overview of all infrared heaters with or without cooling systems.