Our team is formed by top performers. Our employees bring their expertise and their different individual qualifications into the company. Combined experience and teamwork is behind the strength in innovation which characterizes Burda WTG in the first place.

All of our employees are committed to improve our products and to satisfy our customers. Via our headquarter in Frankfurt, Eschborn, you can contact one of our international, friendly and enthusiastic experts who are at your disposal at any time. We are looking forward to your questions, ideas and opinions.

Jiri Burda Managing Director Strategy (Internationalization, Market Development),
Product Development, Distribution and Finance
Kerstin Daudert Managing Director Marketing and Human Resources
Dr. Edgar Hartz Commercial manager
Gregor Langer Key Account International
Michael Rohling Accounting
Veronica Gidei Administration
Katja Knobling Administration
Vanessa Narzisi Assistent Marketing/Sales
Daniel Bogdanov Sales
Werner Waschke Sales
James Hebden Sales
Samir Azdad Logistics
Ali Gökce Logistics