Low Glare

Areas of Application

The product is qualified for all outdoor areas of application like:

  • Construction Drying
  • Greenhouse / Veranda
  • Hotel
  • Public Building
  • Restaurant
  • Public Bath
  • Terrace

The First Ever Heating and Cooling Experience!

PERFECTCLIME Outdoor - SMART PERFECTCLIME IP24 with cooling nozzle

Technical data

  • PCBHS2024 (2.000 W)
  • WxHxD: 65 x 14.5 x 9.5 cm
  • Weight: 2.500 g
  • Color: Alu polished, White
  • Protection class: IP24

Perfectly warm and refreshingly cool at the touch of a button

Combining proven short-wave infrared technology with Burda WTG’s patented PERFECTCLIME option, the SMART PERFECTCLIME IP24 offers virtually limitless possibilities for home and business use outdoors. The patented heating and cooling concept provides the perfect climate for your balcony, terrace, outdoor workplace or other business premises outdoors. You’re sure to be impressed by the warmth from the large reflector and by the beautifully temperate water mist from the cooling nozzle, available at the touch a button. With just the touch of a button, the PERFECTCLIME SMART warms and cools as much as six square meters.

Heating and Cooling with the Wow Factor

Under optimal conditions (dry air), the temperature experienced can be raised by up to 10 degrees Celsius, or cooled by up to 10 to 15 degrees!

PERFECTCLIME infrared heating and cooling radiators by Burda WTG are:

  • energy efficient
  • powerful
  • economicalContact us
  • environmentally friendly

Technical Data & Mounting

SMART Heating and Cooling Radiator with Cooling Nozzle

The PERFECTCLIME SMART IP24 Radiators are equipped with either one or two cooling nozzles and up to three reflectors, depending on the model. IP24 is the standard for the type of housing protection, in this case waterproof silicon seals.

PC SMART IP24 radiator models vary by:

  • energy output of the reflectors (wattage)
  • number of cooling nozzles
  • dimensions

Mounting and Accessories

The radiators should be fastened in the horizontal position to a wall or ceiling, at a distance of between 2.5 and 2.7 meters from any other objects or people. Installation of the PC Radiator requires a water connection: water is fed via a hose into the pump, where it is converted into a cooling mist at the desired pressure for the SMART Radiator cooling nozzle.

Choice of model depends on several factors:

  • What degree of warmth/cooling is required?
  • Where will the radiator be installed and
  • For how long – as a temporary or permanent installation?

Our infrared experts will be pleased to advise you!

SMART PERFECTCLIME IP24 with nozzle at a glance


Size (WxHxD) / Weight


Heating radius/qm

Cooling radius/qm

PCBHS2024 (2.0kW)

65x14.5x9.5cm / 2.5kg

Alu polished / white

approx. 14 to 16

approx. 6


SMART PERFECTCLIME IP24 Radiators with Cooling Nozzles

The PERFECTCLIME PC SMART IP24 combi radiator utilizes the latest short-wave infrared technology combined with intelligent cooling solutions via a cooling nozzle. The unique and innovative heating and cooling concept facilitates tailored regulation of warmth and cooling – all in one device.

For more detailed product information please see the section “Technical Data & Mounting”.


How the PERFECTCLIME Heating and Cooling System works

The basic PC SMART Heating and Cooling Radiator model by Burda WTG is our famous Infrared Heat Radiator SMART IP24. This model has proved itself in households, offices, workplaces, and on balconies and terraces as an energy-efficient heating source. The PERFECTCLIME construction was specifically designed to heat and cool outdoor areas. The combi kits are equipped with a powerful reflector and up to two cooling nozzles, spreading an extra-fine cooling mist at the touch of a button for a refreshing cooling effect in mere seconds.


PERFECTCLIME – Modern Climate Control That Saves You Money

The modular construction of the heating and cooling radiator enables simple switching from heating to cooling and back again, just when you need it. Beneath the fine control lies huge cost-saving potential, as you only heat or cool when needed. So our intelligent combi radiator can even save you money.

Use Cases

So many ways to use the PERFECTCLIME SMART IP24

The compact and mobile PERFECTCLIME SMART radiators are designed for outdoor use where they offer many possibilities for home and business. The flexibility and multi-functionality of the innovative radiator system provides pleasant warmth on cool days and soothing cooling with a refreshing breeze during the hotter periods of the year.

Business use

A classic example is use on a café terrace or in a beer garden. At outdoor events, PC SMART radiators ensure a pleasant, comfortable climate every time. The compact PC SMART is also proven on construction sites and in numerous outdoor workplace areas.

Home use

Whether you’re heating the gazebo or cooling the terrace or balcony in the summer – innovative short-wave infrared technology from Burda WTG ensures a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere everywhere.

Areas of Application

The product is designed for these areas of application: