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Waterproof infrared heaters for swimming pools and wet areas

Burda WTG IP24 short-wave infrared technology for swimming pools

Short-wave infrared technology for swimming pools and wet areas

For applications at swimming pools and wet areas, we recommend splash-proof infrared heaters certified to IP24. Our compact, powerful infrared heaters provide pleasant heating for visitors to public or commercial wellness facilities and families at home round the pool. Wherever you are, our infrared heaters provide perfect warmth even when it’s cold outside.

Creating the ideal environment for indoor and outdoor pools with heating, cooling and lighting

The modular design of Burda WTG’s devices provides a combination of heating and cooling in one product. The innovative PERFECTCLIME series boasts not only infrared heaters but also cooling systems, spraying a fine mist of cooling water to bring refreshment on those hot days.

Sunshade heaters for the pool area

The compact all-in-one heater can easily be integrated into existing sunshade structures such as fixed umbrellas and awnings. Other options include models for wall or ceiling installation or stand-mounting, opening up plenty of possibilities for mobile use.

Be amazed at the comfortable climate and almost limitless home and business uses of our unique, intelligent and innovative solutions for waterproof heaters for swimming pools, pool areas and other wet areas. Contact us for more information or advice.

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