Low Glare

Outdoor application

For restaurants

The restaurant industry could be considered the home turf of Burda´s short-wave infrared technology. If you require energy-efficient, cost-cutting heating, cooling, humidity control and lighting of any area, both indoors and outdoors, Burda can provide you with a solution in a single device. And not only that! The quality is outstanding and the design very attractive indeed..Lose yourself in Burda’s tailor-made, intelligent solutions and save on costs at the same time by combining our innovative devices with motion sensors so that you don’t waste money and energy heating empty spaces. Burda’s short-wave infrared technology does not require any warm-up time. Our water-proof IP24 technology also enables you to make use of our devices in outdoor areas, even during rainy weather. As we’ve already said! The restaurant industry is the home turf of Burda Technology.

Infrared Heaters for Hospitality: Restaurants and Cafés

For hotels

Every hotelier knows: The only thing that counts is keeping the guests satisfied and going the extra mile to ensure that their needs are met. We at Burda Worldwide Technologies GmbH not only believe in meeting the very highest demands! We also strive to remain one step ahead. Our Burda short-wave infrared technology can be used for heating and cooling both indoor and outdoor areas. Our devises are characterized by the elegance of their high-end design and superb quality. We have exactly the right intelligent solution for you! One that will blend into your corporate ambiance perfectly. Our water-proof IP24 technology even enables use out of doors and in pool and spa areas. You will be amazed by our modular heating/cooling combo PERFECTCLIME..Our solutions exceed your guests’ expectations.

Infrared heaters and cooling systems for hotels

For terraces and balconies

You can create a pleasant climate on your terrace or balcony in every season! Burda’s short-wave infrared technology provides solutions that are tailor-made to suit your requirements. Our energy-efficient, innovative heating, cooling, humidity control and lighting concept lends a cozy atmosphere to your home all year round. The water-proof IP24 technology also makes it possible to use our devices outdoors.

Keeping a constant temperature at home

For public buildings

Would you like to create a more pleasant climate in your workplace? Burda Worldwide Technologies GmbH can help you. To begin with, we can help you to obtain a pleasant room climate with Burda’s innovative short-wave infrared technology, which cools and humidifies both indoor and outdoor areas. The modular system means that you require only one device! Innovative solutions enable time-controlled, cost-efficient heating and cooling both on a large scale and on a small scale and our water-proof IP24 technology even allow outdoor use.

Heaters with timers – large infrared heaters

For public bathrooms and bathing areas

Can short-wave infrared technology be used in bathroom and bathing areas? But of course! The water-proof Burda IP24 are the answer for providing a pleasant atmosphere. Due to their modular nature, our devices can combine heating, cooling and lighting in a single unit.. You will be delighted by the superb climate and the endless areas of application, both in the commercial and the household setting.

Swimming pool heaters – Waterproof infrared heaters for swimming pools

For heating and drying of construction materials

The penetrating warmth provided by Burda’s innovative short-wave infrared technology is ideal for the drying and warming of production materials. Short-wave infrared heating technology allows targeted heating of small areas rather than heating of a large volume of space. It is therefore possible to dry out buildings and heating surfaces on construction sites, in an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly manner. More than just cost-efficient!

Infrared dryers – Paint dryers: Infrared construction heaters

For greenhouses and verandas

If you want to provide the perfect temperatures for your precious pot plants, Burda has the answer. We can even provide constant humidity for your plant. Our PERFECTCLIME enables you to simulate almost any climate. With this ground-breaking combination of for lighting, heating and cooling, the sky is the limit. The short-wave infrared technology combined with extremely fine misting caters to the very special needs of plants of all kinds, whether in your home, in a greenhouse or in the Botanical Gardens. Burda Worldwide Technologies GmbH – the intelligent way to create a good climate.

Electric greenhouse heating with short-wave infrared technology