Low Glare

Infrared stable heating and heating lamps for animals

Infrared heaters for stable heating and rearing horses, foals, chicks, calves and piglets

Infrared heating ensures the perfect climate for both adult and young livestock

Overheating and freezing cold are real hazards when keeping livestock. Burda WTG offers a comprehensive range of cost-efficient and practical solutions using

  • Innovative short-wave infrared technology  
  • Patented PERFECTCLIME cooling systems

For breeders, stable owners, farmers, clubs, stud farms and private individuals

Infrared warming lamps for rearing young animals

Foals, chicks, calves or piglets – the rearing and raising of young livestock places particular demands on environmental conditions.  Our extremely energy-efficient piglet lamps are the perfect solution. The compact infrared warming lamps will ensure that on cold, freezing days, conditions will be pleasant temperatures stable to protect the young animals. The energy-saving heating lamp can be controlled manually or via the digital timer.

Economic and environmentally-friendly heating and cooling systems for horse boxes, cow sheds and more

Burda WTG’s PERFECTCLIME heating and cooling system solutions ensure the ideal climate for stables. When temperatures drop, the infrared stable heating switches on while on hot days, the combination cooler with integrated nozzle ensures pleasant temperatures with the superfine water mist. This 2-in-1 concept for stable heating and cooling is:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Space saving
  • Easy to use
  • Economic

Contact us for a free consultation regarding our stable heating systems with or without the integrated cooling nozzle or infrared heating lamp.

Stable heating and cooling systems: Overview of all heaters and combi devices for stable heating and keeping livestock