Low Glare

Indoor application

At home

Keeping the temperatures stable within your home is no longer an unattainable idea. No matter what the climate – icy winters, subtropical paradises or baking deserts – the innovative Burda WTG short-wave infrared technology makes it possible to set your air conditioning to suit your needs perfectly. The excellent technology allows you to control not only the heating and cooling of your home individually, but also the lighting and the humidity levels. Due to the modular set-up, you require only one device to do all of the above. The high-quality, partially hand-made IP24 system is also completely waterproof, which means that it can be safely and effectively used outdoors.

Keeping a constant temperature at home

In the garage

No matter whether you require heating for your own garage or for commercial garages and parking houses, we can provide just what you need. Our company specializes in heating solutions for small areas. We also offer motion detectors and dimmer switches which help to reduce your costs. We also have short-wave infrared heating solutions which do not require warm-up time. Burda technology also offers simple solutions for the heating and drying of production materials and components. The short-wave infrared technology is also suitable for professional drying of lacquer and paintwork.

Effective workshop and garage heating with Burda WTG Infrared Heaters

In the production hall

Burda technology offers a wide range of solutions for production areas, including heating, cooling, humidity control and lighting. Burda offers intelligent tailor-made solutions to suit your very specific requirements perfectly, even in the case of large production areas. Our patented PERFECTCLIME technology offers the first ever modular device for heating and cooling, based on ground-breaking short-wave infrared technology. The PERFECTCLIME system makes it possible to control the indoor climate in workplaces of any size. This system pumps warm or cold air into any part of the production area where movement is detected. Short-wave infrared technology requires no warm-up time, therefore heat is available immediately, and an individual micro-climate follows each worker around the production area. It can only be described as an intelligent solution - heating, cooling, humidity control, lighting and financial savings with a single device – Burda PERFECTCLIME.

Energy-saving heating for large spaces with infrared industrial heaters

At church

Churches are often characterized by very high ceilings and vast areas. Though these buildings can be very impressive in terms of architecture, they are very difficult to keep warm in the cold months of winter. Short-wave infrared technology offers an excellent solution here. Over 650 churches throughout Europe have been fitted with our system. The innovative, energy-efficient heaters only warm the target surfaces and not the open spaces surrounding them. Compared to standard heating devices, our system is particularly advantageous in large areas. The immediate availability of warmth without a warm-up period makes Burda´s short-wave infrared technology very cost-efficient.

Infrared heating for churches

In the office

Think for a minute about how much time you spend in your workplace every day. It can be difficult to create optimal climatic conditions in large areas. In winter it is cold and the air is very dry and standard heating solutions only dry the air out further. In summer, on the other hand, it is often so hot that it is difficult to work efficiently. The innovative short-wave infrared technology from Burda WTG solves most common climate-control problems in one swipe. The sturdy, high-quality systems can be used for heating, cooling, lighting and humidity control - and you only need one device. Short-wave infrared technology provides heating/cooling instantly, thereby eliminating costly warm-up periods and reducing expenses considerably. Burda WTG’s intelligent, individual ensure a pleasant atmosphere in your office at all times.

Small heaters for office use

For your livestock

Often, livestock is dependent on human beings to ensure that their meets are met. Burda’s energy-efficient, money-saving short-wave infrared piglet lights are individually adjustable, making them perfect for long, cold winters. For the summer, the innovative PERFECTCLIME modular combination with its extremely fine integrated cooling nozzle is perfect for regulating temperatures in stables, pig-sties and barns. Do your animals a favor with a made-to-measure temperature control device from Burda Technologies.

Infrared stable heating and heating lamps for animals

In the workshop

With their range of innovative, professional heating and cooling systems, Burda Worldwide Technologies GmbH has set the benchmark for climate control in industrial production areas. The targeted heating provided by our devices allows fast, easy warming of materials. Short-wave infrared heating technology allows targeted heating of small areas rather than heating of a large volume of space. This allows for energy-efficient, money-saving heating solutions. Burda has also invented innovative blast furnace heating technology and power plants. Let us know exactly what your requirements are and we’ll work out the perfect system for you.

Infrared heaters for workshops and industrial plants