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Energy-saving heating for large spaces with infrared industrial heaters

Infrared heaters for efficient heating of large spaces in industrial plants, sport facilities, public buildings and event venues

Burda WTG provides system solutions for energy-saving heating of large spaces using infrared industrial heaters

Heating, cooling, humidifying, lighting – Burda technologies make it all possible. Tailored to size and other requirements, we develop customized solutions for the needs of our customers in industry, commerce, associations, public institutions and also for private clients.

Infrared heaters for large spaces cut costs

Short-wave infrared technology facilitates targeted heating of objects and individuals without heat loss. The big advantage here is that, unlike with conventional heating of large spaces, no heat is lost with subsequent noticeable reduction in cost. In addition, infrared heat is available without pre-heating – another cost-efficient benefit compared to conventional industrial heaters.

Combination heaters with integrated cooling system

We have developed the world’s first patented modular heating and cooling product using short-wave infrared technology – PERFECTCLIME, enabling timer-controlled regulation of workplace temperature for individual zones or the whole floor space.

One device, many functions

Heating, cooling, humidifying and lighting while saving on some hard cash with an all-in-one device – Burda infrared heaters for large spaces can be tailored to the exact requirements of our customers, fitting neatly and easily into existing structures.

Burda WTG’s clients for large space heating solutions include industrial customers with customized solutions for blast furnace heating, power plants and many more. Get in touch!

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