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Effective workshop and garage heating with Burda WTG Infrared Heaters

Cost efficient infrared technology heating solutions for garages, parking lots, workshops or showrooms

Burda WTGs innovative infrared heating technology provides efficient and cost-effective solutions for:

  • Home garage heating
  • Parking lots
  • Workshops
  • Dealership display areas  

Benefit from customized solutions and unique infrared heating systems tailored by:

  • Site size
  • Level of heating required
  • Location of use

Garage heating – Air-conditioning for garages, parking lots and displays

Our infrared heaters offer the perfect solution for keeping cars at well-regulated temperatures through the winter. Our heating systems for single and double garages and parking lots ensure perfect climate control for new, used and classic cars. But cars are not the only ones to benefit from warmer conditions in the garage. Anyone using the garage for work or hobbies will benefit from the immediate infrared heating available at the touch of a button – with no fumes!

Our infrared heating systems are also proven on display floors of large car dealerships. Even in winter, the showroom is an inviting and pleasant space for visitors.

The double benefits of infrared heating for the garage

Workplace heating

Selective heating in the workplace is a specialism of our systems. With automatic motion detector and dimmer control, installing one of our systems provides real cost-savings to workshop operators. In addition, the short-wave infrared heating is available on-demand with no warm-up time required.

Paint drying

Our innovative specialized heaters for workshops also facilitate trouble-free heating and drying of materials. This means that our short-wave infrared technology is also suitable for professional paint drying.

Please contact us for a free consultation about our heating models for garages and workplaces.

Garage heating: Overview of all heaters for garages, parking lots, workshops and car dealerships