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Infrared dryers – Paint dryers: Infrared construction heaters

Excellent uses for short-wave heating systems on construction sites

Infrared heating for paint drying and other construction uses

Burda WTG short-wave infrared technology is perfectly suited to the drying and warming of construction materials. The constant on-demand warmth from the infrared heating devices will expedite all drying on construction sites. Builders, site managers, architects and tradesmen in the construction industry have come to rely on Burda WTG’s efficient and cost-saving infrared dryer.

Paint drying

Compact infrared heaters beam infrared rays directly onto the painted surface. The heating of the surface allows for quick and intensive paint drying. This is true also for solvents. Newly painted or varnished surfaces can be precisely targeted with a single heater or complete heating system for bigger areas. Simply plug into a standard household outlet, turn on and accelerate your drying processes with power-saving infrared dryers.

Construction drying

Our innovative heating systems offer straightforward solutions for any construction drying process – from stucco walls, to wallpaper or screed surfaces. The easy-to-use infrared heaters can be mounted on a tripod or for longer jobs, for instance on construction sites in winter, or be mounted on walls or ceilings.

In addition, our infrared dryers not only help with drying new materials but also ensure that conditions are pleasant and comfortable for work.

Varnish and paint drying, construction drying or surface heating with Burda technologies are the sensible ecological heating solution for construction sites.

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Infrared dryer: Overview of all infrared heaters for paint drying and construction drying