Low Glare

Infrared heating for churches

Energy efficient heaters for churches with short-wave infrared technology by Burda WTG

Cost-efficient solutions with modern short-wave infrared technology for tall and wide interiors

Religious buildings are known for their tall and wide interior spaces. Buildings that are imposing architecturally are often a challenge in winter in terms of pleasant temperature control. Burda short-wave infrared technology is an intelligent choice in these situations and has been installed in over 650 European churches.

Immediate warmth without heat loss

Our innovative and energy-saving heating systems emit gentle rays to warm a targeted surface, not the whole interior space. Especially in large spaces, this unique feature provides a big advantage over conventional heating systems for churches. In addition, the heat from Burda’s short-wave infrared system is immediate and requires no warm-up, bringing a clear and direct cost reduction.

Infrared church heating in discreet designs

The discreet design of our infrared heaters allows for suitable integration with the interior of the church, without attracting attention to itself or disturbing the atmosphere. Our heating devices can be mounted on the wall or ceiling or can be stand mounted to strategically target specific areas.

For the planning and implementation of a powerful infrared church heating system, please contact the experts at Burda WTG who will tell you all about our innovative concepts.

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