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Infrared heaters: Intelligent solutions

The cutting-edge Heating & Cooling concept with infrared short-wave technology.

Infrared indoor heating

The compact SMART IP20 provides an uncomplicated solution for heating small areas such as your balcony or garage. It is also suitable for industrial applications, for example, as heating for individual work stations or for drying out or pre-warming of materials of any kind. The large reflector surface ensures the best results at all times.

Indoor infrared heaters

Infrared outdoor heating

It delivers excellent heating results – you’ll love both the shape and the performance. The advantages include superb, efficient heating from an attractive, compact unit. It’s the perfect choice for outdoor heating on balconies and terraces.

Outdoor infrared heaters

Combination Heating & Cooling for the first time!

This is the very first combined heating & cooling system using infrared short-wave technology. It provides you with cozy warmth or pleasant cooling air at the push of a button, whenever and wherever you need it. Heating & Cooling heaters